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DEFINITE• is a full-service creative agency that invigorates client communications with absorbing video and immaculate design.

To help our clients achieve their business goals, we use our indie sensibilities and PhD expertise to deliver effective campaigns at fantastic value.


Sample Excerpts:


indie value

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We're great at telling client stories because we've spent years of blood, sweat and tears making art and films about the complicated, thorny topics we love. 

But it wasn't just blood, sweat, and tears: we were also spending our own money.  

That experience taught us how to make every dollar you spend show up on screen and how to deliver exceptional value on your limited budget.


Sustained campaigns
enduring Results


Modern psychology tells us that messages are most persuasive when delivered multiple times in different forms as part of a long-term campaign.

As a full-service creative agency specializing in video, we're committed to delivering cohesive multimedia campaigns that build sustained connections between you and your audience.

Instead of an ephemeral one day bump, we use our capabilities across media to create diverse, evolving campaigns that build a connection over weeks and months.

To learn more about our capabilities, including Brand Strategy, Content Strategy, Copywriting, Digital Strategy, Identity Systems, Photography, Scriptwriting, Social Media, and Web Development, download the DEFINITE• Intro Deck.


Cutting edge
Multimedia research

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Our founding partners have spent a combined 20 years at leading research universities developing innovative techniques for communicating with video, language, and music.

The aesthetic sensibilities and technical expertise we honed as doctoral researchers put our client campaigns on the cutting edge.


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